Group training is growing!!! We are moving towards group training because of the camaraderie, energy, accountability, motivation, social aspect, fun factor, and it saves money.

Here is our class descriptions:

Weight Lifting group classes is an inexpensive way to get personal training three days a week. Weight training has many benefits. Our Weight Lifting class is broken up to body parts, working hard, and giving proper rest. Our goal is to help you reach your goal without injury, if you have an injury we will help you strengthen it. Our workouts are posted on the board so you can take it at your own pace. We change the workouts to give you a variety, we know the different weight training styles give you the variety.  

HARD CORE when you think of “core” workouts you may think crunches, NOT. We are going to do more than “CRUNCHES” we will be using combinations of functional core exercises for training your midsection, spine  and more. Oh, and don’t for one minute think you will not be sweating. The exercises are divided into these sections: upper abs, obliques, lower abs, upper thighs and glutes. Now, I do not have to tell you that ‘ABS” are made or seen with a proper combination of exercises, regular cardio and “in the kitchen” clean eating.


BootCAMP Warm-up with some yoga sun salutations and opening yoga moves. Follow with high intensity cardio, strength training, plyometrics, calisthenics, & core work. One minute intervals that ladder down the reps with several exercises. Ladder down earning start each move with 8 reps, then drop to 7 reps, 6 reps,  reps and so on. Tools are usually bands, weights, physio balls, and yoga matts.

TONE-FIT POWER HOUSE is a class Lisa has been teaching since the early 2000’s it was the first-ever extreme, athletic-based aerobics class, train like an athlete! Sessions are team-oriented, competitive, fun, and supportive, receiving optimal fitness results.  Whether you’re an elite athlete, or just want to train like one, TONE-FIT POWER HOUSE’S goal is to bring sports conditioning workouts to the mainstream and help individuals improve their mental and physical health and become better overall athletes and people. You can expect a start up of dynamics, and explosive to non-explosive exercises using ladders, ropes, boxes, med balls, Tabata, and more!

Youth Family Workout is middle school - college athletes and their family and friends lifting program. These workouts are posted on the board. Here's the best part, while mom and dad are following the posted workout the athletes are training according to the season. Off-season they will do the posted workout. However, during the in-season they will be following different program that is appropriate. 

We foam roll, warm up, and stretch every day they’re with us. The stretching puts a very lopsided emphasis on stretching the glutes/posterior hip region, which I’ve found to be an effective strategy in helping players recover from and minimize risk for groin and hip flexor strains.

ELITE-FIT Group Classes SAVE: Monthly Auto Withdrawn Payments = $100. 

Elite-FIT One Month Group Classes = $130.

Elite-FIT Family of 3 Auto Monthly Payment = $200.

(please indicate all family members names)

Elite-FIT Discount Group Rate

ONLY when adding one more member ,

Auto Monthly Payment = $80

(must have one active auto full rate member) 

Elite-FIT 3 Month Package of Group Classes = $285