55 Min Personal Training

Auto monthly payment $100.

One-on-one coaching is a phenomenal way to receive the undivided attention of one of our expert coaches, but if it doesn’t fit into your budget, we encourage you to consider our small group coaching option.

30 min Personal Training

24 hour notice is required for all canceled  or reschedule appointments, if not a 24 hour notice you will be charged for your appointment.

CLEAN TRAINING SHOES - Please change into your 2nd pair of shoes in the lobby (chairs and shoe rack are provided in the lobby)

Sample of some personal training sessions 

New to working out Christine is doing personal training sessions and the nutritional program 


Weight Loss Journey, Brenda did personal training moved on with group classes and nutritional classes


Competitors personsal training session


*To Cancel your auto membership you must give a 30 day notice in writing, text or email is fine to Elite Fitness Training Studio*

*Sample BootCAMP class, its always different could be ball work, Tabata, circuits, or mini obstacles... https://youtu.be/DhbN3Tn_8sc

Group Training Class - https://youtu.be/phFz4aw8CZ0


Eating healthy is a GREAT plan of action, DIETING is NOT. Balance is key. Preparation leads to future success. 

Get a plan that is healthy, teaches you the latest nutritional science and is created toward your goals.  We want you to feel great and enjoy your food. 

FAD Dieting is not healthy nor does it give you long term results. We create meal plans for you individually helping you to a healthier lifestyle and life long weight loss and vitality.

We will also help you balance your MARCOS, what are macros? Come in and find out what is YOUR plan. 

It is best for your success and for the coach to understand your life better if you have a list:
         - foods you are allergic to 
         - vitamins you take
         - medicine and any illnesses
         - current way you eat, meals, times, drinks
         - sleeping patterns 
         - schedule of work or school daily life

First meeting is usually 45-60 min long $65


Private training is an amazingly effective and efficient way to achieve your individual fitness goals. Your coach will work with you to identify your goals and design a program specifically targeted at improving your weaknesses.

One-on-One personal training sessions are custom to your needs, goals, and levels sessions are 30 to 55 mins depends on level and intensity.  (24 hour notice for all cancellations and canceled appointments and no-shows will be charged, no refunds)

You will NOT receive some cookie cutter workout.

Everything will be designed and tailored to your abilities and goals. We pride ourselves on providing variety to keep you motivated and interested while increasing your strength, flexibility, and endurance.  We believe in  functionality and performance through proper movement. Everyone’s goals are different however everyone wants to feel good, have more energy, and feel better about themselves. It's the best reward! 

Follow up nutritional appointments are about 30 mins at $45

Personal Training Package 10 One-on-One sessions $450.


Are you in need of that extra calorie burn and motivation? All of our classes have include a variety of weight training  and cardio. We use multiple training tools and techniques that will burn body fat while increasing lean muscle mass. All levels welcome with  classes including beginner lift, Circuit, Advanced Lifting, BootCAMP, Tabata, Sports Conditioning, P90X , and POUND. Motivating and a class available for any fitness level!

Classes run 30 to 60 mins  Elite Fitness coaches will guide you and push you within your limits.  

Monthly fee is $100.00

SPECIAL for Auto Sign up - only $80!