Start to FINISH Get Results on body weight and body measurements, this 5 WEEK PLAN is designed to TEACH you ways to change your health and sculpt your body.

The Regimen 
  - One on One Personal Training Session, 5 – 30 min personal training sessions where we will review your food journal and train you toward your goals.
  - Group Meal Plan Meeting – TOOLS you can USE! Meal plan guidelines, a “Plan” you can follow, a grocery shopping list, food benefits, and tips to help your GUT function better. 
  - Join all Group Classes – Learn New Ways to Challenge Your Body, Sculpt & Change!
  - Weekly CHALLENGES, at home workout – easy on the go and on a tight schedule.

We are here to help you with your fitness goals. Get healthy. Be stronger. Feel Better! Lose Weight.
Whatever your goal… Lose 50 pounds, Compete in a fitness event, Increase flexibility, Change your overall HEALTH, or just make two flights of stairs without a struggle!

These are all good, but here is the real upside:
When you set a goal, create a plan, and follow the plan…you will see results! Even better? You will instill the confidence required to change who you are – to truly be the best version of yourself and change YOUR LIFE.
It isn’t just the result (a healthy, fit body) but the process that will define the new you.

Meal Plan: $65, Monthly Group Classes: $100, 5 x 30 min personal training sessions: $225 = $390.00

For all the NEW Elite Fitness Training Studio clients you get all the above for $249.00

MAKE a change

   join our 5 Week PLAN 

5 Pre-Paid Personal Training Sesson


Join in our GROUP LIFT CLASSES, for 2 months! We have great weight training classes rand we modify for all levels accommodating your needs.

PLUS, change your nutrition, eat real food to meet your health goals. I know most people want weight loss but there is more to a "diet" we like to coach our clients to LIVE a HEALTHIER LIFE, guiding you in a life style change. This package will give you 2 nutritional coaching sessions with Lisa Thomas-DuFresne. 

AND... we are not DONE! One top of all the above you will get One-ON-One focus with Personal Trainer Samantha!!! A total of 6 personal training sessions with Samantha! certified personal trainer Sam.

TOTAL PACKAGE $670.00 and your SALE PRICE...         $520.00

                * all sessions must be used before Thanksgiving.

GET NOW... Pre-Turkey packages:
    NOW offering Pre-Pay PACKAGES...

  • 1 session = $45
  • 5 sessions = $200 ($40 a session, savings $25)
  • 10 sessions = $350 ($35 a session, savings $100)

Also, BONUS... anyone one signing up for a package of 10 can attend any yoga, Tone-FIT BOOTCamps between now and Thanksgiving for FREE.

                                                        * all sessions must be used before Thanksgiving.


Healthy Life Meal Planning Clinic
STOP the Dieting FAD's that work great for a yo-yo!

What is the current FAD for weight loss? Hmmm…WHO cares? Not me, and you shouldn’t either, it’s your health and well being I care about. Keeping up with all the crazy fads can have you yo-yoing and even cause health issues. Is this you? Sick of having to “DIET”? Tired of not eating enough, omitting food groups, or Yo-Yo diets that affect your mood? This class is for all people interested in improving their health and fitness regardless if they are just beginning their life-changing journey or an experienced athlete. There will be information that everyone can use.

Elite-FIT offers Nutritional Healthy Eating Clinics to help you with weight loss, healthier life style, and gain energy/strength. It has been brought up many times about offer/adding a nutrition class to help guide everyone on their “DIET”. Don’t miss on out on these classes!

Join us for this class, the cost is $30,  


once you signup you will receive PDF files 

You want to elevate your awareness of

Portion control
Food groups
Value of food
Food menus

What we will be reviewing…

Calories in Calories out
Food combos
Gut health for overall health
Easy food preparation
Organic shopping
Timing of meals

Power Walk Group

Hiking Time

10 Pre-Paid Personal Training Sesson


1 Pre-Paid Personal Training Sesson

Wow. Super exciting!!!!!