Group training

Competition prep Coach

Are you in need of that extra calorie burn and motivation? All of our classes have include a variety of weight training  and cardio. We use multiple training tools and techniques that will burn body fat while increasing lean muscle mass. All levels welcome with  classes including beginner lift, Circuit, Advanced Lifting, BootCAMP, Tabata, Sports Conditioning, P90X , and POUND. Motivating and a class available for any fitness level!

Nutritional Coaching

Personal training 

Become stronger, healthier, leaner


MEAL PLAN - WORKOUT/CARDIO - The PLAN is custom for your competitive levels. The "PLAN" is based on your goals and where we have to take your body. 
A customized nutritional plan to meet your requirements, overall calories, marco's, and workout  PLAN to help you on shaping the pest physical YOU. During the evaluation we look at weakness and strengths and from there build your PLAN.
POSING COACH, We work with many other trainers and organizations to help the athlete with stage presents, poses, walks and routines.

One-on-One personal training sessions are customized to your needs, goals, and levels. Private training is an amazingly effective way to achieve your individual fitness goals. Your coach will work with you to identify your goals and design a program specifically targeted to help you achieve them. It's a phenomenal way to receive the undivided attention of one of our expert coaches, but if it doesn’t fit into your budget, we encourage you to consider our group training.

​​Eating healthy is a GREAT plan of action, DIETING is NOT. Balance is key. Preparation leads to future success. 
Get a plan that is healthy, teaches you the latest nutritional science and is created toward your goals.  We want you to feel great and enjoy your food. 
FAD Dieting is not healthy nor does it give you long term results. We create meal plans for you individually helping you to a healthier lifestyle and life long weight loss and vitality.