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Elite Fitness brings a challenging workout offering one-on-one, small and large group personal training groups/classes. We also offer BootCAMP classes, Sports Performance, Bodybuilding Competition Prep, Nutritional Counseling, and Personal Training, Elite Fitness delivers a motivating, educational, positive, exhilarating and energetic environment for individuals of all fitness levels.

How are we DIFFERENT

We have an extensive array of workout tools for indoor and outdoor use. Our studio has everything: spin bikes, treadmill, water rower, kettle bells, medicine balls, free weights, bands, pull-up bars, free-motion, Olympic rubber plates/bars, sleds, ropes, tires, hurdles and much more. One thing we don't have is lots of fancy machines, train with us and you will see they are not needed.
At Elite Fitness you will see we are COMMITTED TO FITNESS. We are not your average quick study trainer(s), over 25+ years of knowledge in the fitness industry it is the passion, life style, and devotion we share with you. 

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Make breakfast HAPPEN! No excuse is GOOD enough NOT to have breakfast. 

This is one whole egg, 2 egg whites, 1 slice of 12 grain toast with real butter, and half of a serving of turkey sausage. 

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Would you like to lose 10 pounds?
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Lisa Thomas Fitness


This is NOT a FAD diet it is Eating Clean, Working Out, & Proper Supplements

Looking to be LEANER & HEALTHIER
          Let's do this together. 
It is FREE, yes I said free. I will share my 20 plus years plus experience and secrets to help you lean out and be healthier. 
Please understand this is not a magic pill or an expensive magic wand waved in-front of you. It is educating you on the steps to change your life style. Believe me when I say a "diet" doesn't last, the latest fad is not healthy for us. It is a balance of clean healthy eating and the joys of small reward meals. 
It's TIME to take care of YOU and even your family, it's totally manageable.

STOP... stop the madness of unlimited excuses you have. (I have heard all of them and I will share the ridiculous ones)  
Don't keep giving yourself excuses. 
We got this!!! 
So bring a friend or two and spread the word around. 

DOWN 10, is FREE to you if you bring a friend we will be hosting this
DOWN 10, Healthy YOU clinic on 
March 28th @ 11 am
 - Bring a notebook 
 - Bring a smile 
 - Positive attitude 

@ 250 Old Lyman Road
South Hadley, MA 01075
This is NOT A DIET • YES let me make it very clear.... NOT A #DIET. It is all about a healthier way of eating, real food and healthy vitamins. 

 - Food Shopping List
 - Meal Plan
 - Workouts to do at Home 
Please share. 

Email me at:
Let me know if you are attending and if you are bringing a friend or two. 
(Please space is limited if you say you are attending commit to it, I am committed!)


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The DOWN 10 will be apart of the subscription, you will receive all the DOWN 10 tools that clients in house receive via email in our Elite-FIT E-FIT newsletter.

"It's a choice - not chance - that determines your destiny." -Jean Nidetch

250 Old Lyman Road
South Hadley, MA 01075

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